Psilo Gummy are a great way to enjoy psilocybin, whether you’re new to psilocybin or have been using it for years. These gummy taste great and deliver reliable dosing. Psilo Gummy take pride in ensuring a high-quality product, made in USA. They believe in the medicinal and therapeutic qualities that magic mushrooms can offer. We make no claims, but studies show psilocybin can help treat depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder and others. In addition, they’re great for brainstorming, laughing, and an overall good time.

Psilo Gummy are made with the stable, high-quality Golden Teacher strain of mushrooms. Golden Teacher is a member of Psilocybe Cubensis and have mellow, euphoric vibes. It can be very cerebral, without the “bad trip” characteristics that accompany too strong of a dose.

Each pack contains 3.5g (350mg) of Golden Teacher mushrooms divided into 10x300mg squares. You can consume it all at once, but beginners should definitely start with 1g or less. Enjoy responsibly.


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